Provestra Review – Is it Best Female Libido Enhancer?

woman frustratedMany women have little to no desire for sex. They want to feel sexy and wanted but nothing is working for them. This happens to almost every woman once in her life.

I know you are trying to bring missing spark back into your relationship but your body is not working with you. I mean you probably wear sexy lingerie or go for a romantic dinner but still you are not feeling sexy or wanted. In short, there is no desire for sex

If this sounds very much same to you then you have to read this Provestra review.

Provestra Review:

I was searching about the solution for low libido and when I heard the name of this product, my initial response was, “What’s that exactly?”

provestrSo basically, Provestra is the natural female libido enhancer that contains 100% safe, natural and powerful ingredients. This female libido enhancer is very popular these days because it not only helps in improving sexual desire but also balances hormones, increases energy and improves overall health. This is currently the best selling female libido enhancer available in the marketing.

After conducting my own research, talking with different females and with my own experience I found following benefits of Provestra:

  • Increases vaginal lubrication and improves blood flow in vaginal region
  • Adds passion back into intimate encounters while providing control on orgasm
  • Increases sexual appetite and sexual fantasies
  • Improves overall body energy and health
  • Contains natural ingredients that are powerful in increasing sexual desire and best thing of all they have NO SIDE EFFECTS
  • Even some women get increase in breasts size (sweet benefit that we all gracefully accept)

These benefits sound great but you may be wondering how a single pill can provide so many benefits. To answer this question, take a look on its powerful ingredients.

List of Provestra Ingredients:

Provestra ingredientsAs I already mentioned, Provestra contains 100% natural ingredients and best of all they don’t have any side effects. Take a look on what are these ingredients and how they work…


This ingredient is one of the naturally occurring amino acids that improves blood circulation in the vaginal region and promotes the production of Human Growth Hormone that increases sexual desire, speedier arousal and improves overall energy in the body.


Many women feel they feel short burst of ‘sexual desire’ after eating chocolates. This is because of the natural chemical found inside chocolate called Theobromine. Theobromine is also a mild stimulate that provide quick burst of energy. Theobromine is used by Aztecs to physically prepare for battle and for sex as well.


If you are researching about solutions for low libido for some time then you probably heard the name of Ginseng. This is because Ginseng is very commonly use by Chinese women for increasing libido. Additionally, Ginseng is also very effective in relieving the symptoms of menopause.

Red Raspberry:

Women are using Red Raspberry since many decades to naturally balance estrogen and straighten the reproductive system. Even different researches proved that Raspberry reduces the symptoms of PMS, decrease heavy cramping during menstruation and remove hot flashes during menopause.

Licrorice Roots:

This ingredient is very commonly recommended by herbalist as the stress reliever but Licrorice Roots also detoxify liver and increases sexual hormones. Some other benefits of Licrorice Roots are: strengthen adrenal glands, boost energy, reduce breasts tenderness and decrease fluid retention.

Ginkgo Biloba:

Many pharmaceutical companies are using Ginkgo Biloba in supplement to improve mental sharpness. But researches proved that Ginkgo Biloba contains characteristics of improving blood flow into the vaginal area and also increase orgasms and overall sexual satisfaction.

Is There Any Provestra Free Trial Available?

In simple and true words, there is NO free trial available. However, there is 67 days money back guarantee (60 days guarantee + 7 days shipping) and in these 67 days if you don’t feel satisfied with results you can simply send the remaining portion in the original container and get full money back without answering any question. If you have purchased multiple containers then you don’t have to worry because you can send empty bottle along with unused bottle and get your complete money back.

Note: You will get full money back of your order (excluding shipping cost).

What I Don’t Like About Provestra?

When I was searching about Provestra I was very skeptical but after using it for more than 6 months I am struggling to tell you anything that I dislike about this product.

However, I want to warn every woman that Provestra only works if you use it every day for 60 days. Although manufacturer recommends using one pill every day for 30 days but for me results start arriving after 60 days. Without having any results in 30 days I keep on using it because I know that every natural female libido works after 60 days.

Initially it was difficult for me to remember to take one pill everyday so I put the box of Provestra on my bed table and take one pill everyday for 60 days. This works very well for me.

You can also try this and bring your libido back and once you get your libido you have to continue these pills to get best results from them. If you want to stop it then first reduce the dosage to 3 or 4 pills a week for few months and check if your libido is still high before stopping it. I initially purchased six months package so I have yet to stop it. If I decided to stop it I will update my results here but, I don’t think my husband ever want me to stop taking these pills!!

What I Like About Provestra Pills?

Leading Edge Health is the company that is behind the development of Provestra. They are standing behind this product with 60 days money back guarantee. If you don’t find them working for you then you simply have to return them and get your money back. For me this removes all worries that I had before purchasing it and I am glad it did because results are excellent. Actually what I wanted to have!!

As far as bonuses are concern, when I purchased 6 months supply I got $75 discount, free orange massage candle and Vigorelle cream. To know the best place to purchase this product with 60 days money back guarantee and bonuses continue reading this review…

Potential Side Effects of Provestra:

provestra pillsProvestra is created with perfect blend of herbs and natural substances that don’t have any side effects. Additionally, you have to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredient that is mentioned above. And make sure you don’t exceed the recommended dosage.

There are some complaints about mood swing and headaches in the first few days but these side effects disappear after some days. If you are in good health then you can take Provestra pills without any worry.

Where to Buy Provestra?

The best and comfortable way to purchase Provestra is from company’s official website. Don’t ever think to purchase this product from any other online retailer because you will get 60-days money back guarantee and bonuses only from official website. Additionally, you will get additional discount if you purchase package for more than 3 months in advance.

I know there are some people who hesitate to purchase anything online but Leading Edge Health has safe and secure website and also accept Paypal as well. They ship your order in discreet package so no one will know what’s inside the box. Additionally, you will find only the name of company in your card statement.

Leading Edge Health uses fast shipping method and normally deliver product in 1-2 days. Additionally, you can directly contact them at +1.866.269.3487 and ask about your Provestra order.

Let me tell you there is no other website that provide 100% discreet package, 60-days money back guarantee and direct phone support – not even big retailers like Amazon and Ebay.

It is important to keep in mind that Provestra is NOT available in any local store. This is actually a good thing because you will never get money back guarantee and goodies if it is available in stores.

Visit Leading Edge Health Official Website and Order Provestra to Bring Sexual Desire Back and Fix Your Libido Now!!